Percussion Massage

Percussion Massage

Percussive therapy is a method of inducing blood flow in a rapid manner to soft tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. With a series of concentrated pulses on one particular spot, it can relax local connective tissue, ease areas long haunted by scars or surgery, and increase the flow of infection-fighting white blood cells. It also elongates muscle fibers while providing relief on joints … which is similar to a really session of stretching.

World-class trainers use percussion massagers on professional athletes all the time. Basketball superstar Kyrie Irving received percussion treatment during the breaks of the 2017 NBA Finals games, in order to prevent and treat cramping. Also, since this type of massage stretches the muscles and connective tissues, it improves the athletes’ overall responsiveness and performance.

Percussion massage generates 30x more powerful contractions of the muscle, which enhances muscle strength and recovery time. The improved blood circulation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, enabling athletes to perform longer and more frequently.

This type of therapy speeds up the rehabilitation process of muscles that have been injured due to disease, injury or surgery. The contractions caused by the percussion massager strengthens the muscles. This is extremely beneficial for people who can’t participate in physical therapy. It is used on patients with partial or full paralysis to stimulate the muscles, prevent non-use atrophy, and improving reflex responses in which the nerves respond to stimulation.

Generally, percussion massage therapy is beneficial to anyone and everyone. It has a wide range of benefits for athletes, those recovering from injuries, and the everyday person. If you sit at an office desk all day and have neck and back soreness, percussion therapy can help relax your muscles and relieve the pain.