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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for a Zero Gravity or Jade Thermal Bed massage?

Comfortable clothes that aren’t too thick and bulky. When you arrive you’ll remove your shoes and we also recommend you remove watches and bracelets for a zero gravity massage, since you will also be getting your arms massaged during your session.

How long does a massage session last?

Both the Zero Gravity Chair Massage and Jade Thermal Bed Massage last 30 mins per session. You are welcome to do back-to-back sessions if you like.

How much is a massage package?

Our massage packages are $100 for 7 massages. This ends up costing you only $14.28 per massage. Standard 30 minute massages without a package are $25 each. You also get your choice of using any of our four Zero Gravity Massage Chairs or our Jade Thermal Massage Bed. You can also share your massages with friends and family. Please call ahead of time, or make an online appointment a day before. Let us know when you plan on coming in when sharing your package.

What does a Jade Thermal Bed Massage feel like?

A treatment on the FDA approved Migun Jade Thermal Massage Bed consists of a warm comfortable relaxing 30-minute treatment that is extremely effective at reducing or eliminating pain. It helps to relax muscles, relieve joint pain and stiffness and increase circulation. Specially designed and patented jade massage heads run up and down your back from the tip of your head to the bottom of your tailbone while far infrared heat warms your muscles. At the same time another set of the massage heads run up and down each leg. This can help to improve most types of chronic pain with many users reporting the ability to reduce or eliminate certain medications after multiple treatments.